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Decal ideas?

Ages ago I made some dinosaur decals for the FT caterpillar decal mesh, and I've been thinking of making a few different decals. Does anyone have picture requests or ideas that I could try to use to make some more?
[random] smarties

The legacy without a name 1.1

I've just gotten back into the game so hidden_kitten and I decided to do a round robin legacy together. But we didn't know what to call it so there is no last name. EVERYONE IS COOL LIKE MADONNA AND CHER.

This will be a pixel_trade legacy, and to keep things interesting we're using the generation rules from awesimsauce but without the colours.

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Featured sims:
Arrikus - from_wonder
Eugenia - snapun
Moonbeam - sims_by_izza

ps new sims for download @ skittledsims