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TS3 patterns~

After a lot of fiddling, I figured out how to make some patterns for TS3. Certainly not anything OHWOWAMAZING but hey, I like variety and more patterns the merrier. Thought I'd upload them in case anyone is interested in them or w/e.

They come under the fabric and geometric categories.

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[random] smarties

Download: Sims and Paintings (again!)

I have uploaded some more sims over on skittledsims (Noel, Dawn, Kateh, Daz, Ira).

And under the cut, I have more painting recolours. Some are actual paintings, and others are of sims.

11x posters of sexy female sims (TSS mesh) :: features sims from sim_spam members
5x pop art (Glamour Stuff mesh)
9x house and scenery paintings (applehead lady mesh... I think it's base game??)
6x family photos of sims :: features sims from sim_spam members (I'm sure this is a base game mesh too)

They *should* all be compressorised.

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Thankyou to those people who let me use their pics for the paintings that I said I was making months ago. I have another set of sim photos I'm working on, but they keep fucking up so they're a work in progress~